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If only the truth WAS what most people say, that we could live without war. If everyone cooperated, yes, we could live without it. But the sad, ironic, hostile truth is, there will always be war. War. What an ugly word. It means suffering, hurting. It means fear and anger. War. This world is filled with it. Intertribal distrust in Africa.. Religious civil wars in the MidEast.. Even here, in America, a political war rages on. It tears people apart, figuratively and literally. Acts of terrorism shake the world to its core. Massive killings rip people's emotions apart. There will always be war. Always. It hurts. There will always be people who oppose other nations. Terrorists, free motive groups, or just protesters. These people take no reasoning. Always. Even in the midst of all this dismal gloom, in the smoky fog of war, a single soldier's heart will beat for the name of justice. These soldiers are my heroes. They know they may be killed. They know that it's tough out there. Snipers, anti-personnel mines, tanks, machine-gun nests, sometimes, even nuclear strikes. No problem. For them, it's their duty to stand up and fight for the freedom of their community, their country, their world. War. Acts of cowardly terrorism. And acts of justice. All of these things mingle together in every drop of blood spilled. War. WAr. War. It's ugly, ugly. But, when Christ Jesus, the Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, returns once again to this old forsaken earth, it WILL end. War, and ultimately, evil, will cease to exist. And we can free our tired, weary souls from this heartbreaking earth into God's holy, loving hands. Forever.


THIS IS SO GOOD! Oh, and can you send me a copy of Flash? Just kidding!

Anyway, I give this the highest score and this thing goes on my favorited! ^__^


This movie was killer! Keep making more! And by the way, someone review on top of me. I want to cover up Psytech's Teddy crap.

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It's kinda basic Flash work, but I have to say, it's a lot better than I could ever do! Thanks for using my song in it! I like to make the little guy kick his feet.


Voice acting was so fake with the butler voice. You could tell it was just some lazy kid with a microphone. And I saw a lot of OVERUSED symbols. Of course, assuming you DID use symbols to create this. I mean, it is pretty jerky. Looks like a bunch of shape tweens and sound effects.

CorkySurprise responds:

I don't know what to say! When you create a game without any movie clips, button, and graphics tell me!

Also, I took time to get decent voice actors (Luksy and Rtil) for this game, so don't go complaining about that. I doubt you could get anywhere close.

Also, since I love doing this, your sports music loop thing is really really bad. Please take it off Newgrounds =)


Really well done! I notice you have Fl studio....what's up with that? Do you not know about Finale?

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Love it

Nice solid beat, cool bass, some sweet strings, and it just gives me a vivid image of flying over a city and looking down at everybody, feeling really happy. Nice "victory dance" song.

Now I see where you got Vexeta's melody

Vexeta, well, is kind of better, only at EQ though this one is way better.


Sounds like one of my ultra-short ones. Did you just go berserk with the riffs, or use Piano Roll?

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